144 MHz Phase Shifter

50 MHz Phase Shifter

144 MHz Noise Killer, 2 Meter QRM Eliminator, VHF X-Phase, 50 MHz Noise Killer or however you call this thing...

Monoband, modifiable for 20÷50 MHz / 430 MHz / 1296 MHz





New  Redesigned

20÷50 MHz Phase Shifter board


144 MHz / 430 / 50 MHz Phase shifter - Descrizione ITALIANO
144 MHz / 430 / 50 MHz Phase shifter
Phase shifter descrizione.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 612.6 KB
144 MHz Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Misure ITALIANO
Documento Adobe Acrobat 1.0 MB
20-50 MHz Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Misure ITALIANO
Documento Adobe Acrobat 207.7 KB
144 MHz Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Istruzioni e suggerimenti
istruzioni Phase Shifter.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 226.7 KB


144 MHz / 430 / 50 MHz Phase shifter - Description ENGLISH
144 MHz / 430 / 50 MHz Phase shifter
Phase shifter descrizione ENG.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 611.0 KB

Board available by Sandro I0JXX 

VHF Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - SSB noise reduction  (27/04/2021) https://youtu.be/vnp1QpcUdbk

VHF Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - CW noise reduction (27/04/2021) https://youtu.be/1JyznKwfEyM

VHF Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Test #1 (20/03/2021) https://youtu.be/JO8PKuxDgUk

VHF Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Test #2 (20/03/2021) https://youtu.be/fS05gNaO9Y4

Noise Reduction: a new entry :-(          12/12/2020   https://youtu.be/tLTz2z8aijI

Noise Reduction on SDR-Radio for EME    https://youtu.be/9AQYSS60G-Y

Noise Reduction on SSB Stations    https://youtu.be/WW5J4rLjJ34

Noise Reduction: my very first tests with the prototype   https://youtu.be/RXkSRgXLsEk

Even on EME! Some tests made by IK6HRA    https://youtu.be/HA-8LHQqPzw


30 sep 2021    New 50 MHz Phase Shifter board + test "20-50 MHz Phase Shifter by IZ3KGJ - Misure ITALIANO"  due to some discontinued components from Minicircuits

27 apr 2021     Added 2 last videos

20 mar 2021    Added instructions and suggestions file and 2 new videos

12 dec 2020     Added a couple of videos and link to I0JXX

18 nov 2020:    Added English description file

24 jul 2020:      Added Measurement tests ITA file

06 may 2020:   Here you find my latest work. At the moment it's all written in Italian, the English translation will follow

Commenti: 4
  • #4

    Mark (mercoledì, 07 aprile 2021 10:23)

    Purchased the 144mhz phase shifter in a bid to reduce RFI from a neighbours LED light which was affecting weak VHF airband signals. I was stunned at the efficacy of the phase shifter. The RFI was almost totally eliminated. It's a fantastic piece of kit! Highly recommend it.

  • #3

    Conrad Farlow PA5Y (martedì, 24 novembre 2020 12:57)

    I have placed an order at I0JXX for a PCB. I will use it with my tropo system, I do not need it with my Xpol eme system as typically elevation is high in the direction of the noise source.

    There are a few things that are not mentioned in your user guide.
    1. Typical noise antenna requirements
    2. Protection of the front end of the phase shifter during TX by using a bypass switch.

    Item 2 may be obvious but I expect some may not realise that this is important. It would have been more convenient to have a PTT activated bypass switch on the PCB but of course I can provide it externally. Without such protection I would expect the front end to be destroyed during TX periods.


    Conrad PA5Y

  • #2

    Sven (mercoledì, 09 settembre 2020 16:52)

    Do you have this ready made for working in a box together with the station?
    144 MHz Phase Shifter


  • #1

    Trond Thorman (martedì, 07 luglio 2020 19:57)

    I really need this device. Just trying hard to get on to the moon. I have invested in 4x8 el, SM7DTT EME yagis, SPID AZ/EL rotor only to find terrible crackling noise a) in certain direction b) elevations. The noise level can exceed 3dB easily.
    My setup for is IC7700, Kuhne transverter and HA something LNA at base of tower. Having a hell of a good take off and so really good reach on MS but EME...nada!!!! So if there is anything that can help me with the crackling noise level, ill be delighted.
    Do let me know how ot obatin the kit of yours. Best 73 from London (IO91UK)
    Trond (Email: trond@radius.co.uk)